How to brew a good tea

March 17, 2019

Formosan Farms always uses the standard tea-tasting steps to recognize a good tea, as judges in the tea competitions around Taiwan throughout many decades.


We appreciate the tea arts by many beautiful tea settings around the world. However,  we consider ourselves as a fair professional gatekeeper when selecting new collaborative small family farms as well as when new seasonal batches available directly from our partnering farms.


We would like to share the standard procedure of how to brew a good tea. Of course, you are always adjust by your own preferences.


Step 1: 3 grams of whole leaves

Step 2: 95~98C boiled water to brew

Step 3: 150cc for 5 minutes (long-leaf teas) or 6 minutes (round-shape oolong leaves)

Step 4: Stirring, smelling, sharing, sipping (4S)

Step 5: View the brewed leaves

Step 6: Enjoy!




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