Grass cutting by hands

August 19, 2018

In an organic farm, grass everywhere with plants build an eco-system. 


Formosan Farms are all organically managed by hands, including cutting grass.


Take our Red Oolong farm as an example, grass cut by hands as a daily job can reduce an intensive grass-cutting task before a tea harvest, and also setup a regular monitor mechanism on tea trees and their surrounded eco-environment.



More importantly, the lady farmer always takes the chance as a self-cultivation:

" I always see wild grass as my enemy (to my tea trees), so I'd love to cut them. Sometimes the government sent jailed persons here to cut grass for us as the labor service. I teach them my grass-cutting philosophy. If they explode themselves in grass cutting instead of killing their enemy, they would never be sent in jail."


So is the same grass cutting philosophy for our daily lives, especially when we feel angry at work.


Feel pressure and almost explode yourself?

Find a place to cut grass by your hands. 

Or, imagine yourself in an organic tea farm helping grass cutting......that might release a bit.




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