Origin: Earth Soil

July 17, 2018

The Chinese people believe the origin of all:
origin of kinship, origin of village, origin of homeland, origin of soil.

In contrasting with the Western culture, the origin from God religion, the Chinese culture originated from the family-centered farm village. 


Our ancestors lived, farmed, ate, slept in a geographic proximity, and farmland produced hope of lives and livings.

Origin is the core value of Formosan Farms because Mother Earth is the origin of us all. As one family of all Chinese people, we keep the same tradition and belief.


The soil is the origin. Once the soil gets polluted, it would take more than a hundred year to recover. Thus, either three years or five years of so-called “organic certified” period does not matter a lot, because what Formosan Farms really care, is the origin with its purity, never get polluted, just as the value of the origin, which is everything. 



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